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Annual Streaming Master Use License

Annual Streaming Master Use License

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Starting June 1, 2020 Yancy Ministries will offer Churches, Schools Camps and other groups an Annual Streaming Master Use License. This will allow you to use all Yancy Ministries (Yancy, Little Praise Party & Kidmin Worship) Audio and Video Masters in your services that you stream, livestream and allow to reside on the internet. We believe this will be a blessing to churches to use our music and video in what they are creating for online programming for families. Our Annual Streaming Master Use License starts at only $1 per week. This low-cost annual license fee will help us to manage, steward and invest in more resources for the future of the Church.

Avg. Weekly Total Church Attendance:   
Annual License Fee
Under 500   
$52 per year ($1 per week!)
500-1,999 size
$99 per year ($1.90 per week)
2,000-4,999 size
$149 per year ($2.86 per week)
5,000-9,999 size 
$199 per year ($3.82 per week)
10,000+ size
$249 per year ($4.78 per week)

For the 365 days of your annual license you will be allowed to use songs and videos by Yancy in your online services and programming for your church/school/camp online services and programming. This license does not cover other broadcast companies, children’s apps and programming, TV distribution or similar.

Whether it’s a livestream, on a church website, Facebook page or YouTube channel you will be allowed to use our songs and videos to reach kids.

Yancy Ministries media masters includes: song audio, lyric videos, music videos, countdowns, transition videos and HEARTBEAT curriculum. This applies exclusively to songs, videos and curriculum you have purchased and have group viewing permissions for. 

Added Benefits of this license:

In an effort to help you not have problems with audio being muted on Facebook we will whitelist your account to prevent Yancy audio from being stopped or flagged. For this to be in effect you must submit to us the URL of your Facebook page and Instagram account i.e. facebook.com/yancynotnancy and instagram.com/yancynotnancy We will then submit your channel to have our permission to post Yancy’s audio for the 365 days of your annual license.

We still highly suggest that you have a CCLI streaming license to cover the songwriter side of the songs (especially for any songs Yancy did not write.) See Exhibit A of your license for a current list of songs in the Yancy Ministries catalog. Songs in bold are written 100% by Yancy. Please report the songs your church uses to CCLI to ensure all songwriters are paid for the song use. CCLI is about the songs (songwriter) whereas the Annual Stream Master Use License from Yancy Ministries is about the audio and video masters.


Q: Do I pay based on my children's ministry size or the whole church attendance?

A: You pay according to your overall, total church size. Please select your total church size range to purchase the correct license for your organization.