Yancy's first Christmas Musical is here. "Best Christmas Ever with Yancy" from Lillenas Music.

Little Praise Party: Ready, Set, Go Church Bundle

Little Praise Party: Ready, Set, Go Church Bundle

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A Super-Sized NEW Worship Resource For Young Children. This beloved music is perfect for preschool and early elementary grades. Each song is filled with the right bite-size piece of lyric, melody and repetition. Little Praise Party is about inviting young hearts to a relationship with Jesus by beginning a foundation of theology through the discipline of worship. Yancy wrote these songs and crafted these arrangements with an intentional focus to this phase of life. Nominated for a Dove Award, the "Ready, Set, Go" bundle includes 8 new songs for year round worship and singalong fun including a songs for Easter, Mother's Day & Christmas. Songs include:

  1. Ready, Set, Go 
  2. As For Me
  3. Made In the Image  
  4. Hungry and Thirsty feat. Funny Man Dan
  5. Hungry and Thirsty
  6. He’s Alive, He’s Alive (Easter)
  7. I Love My Mom (Mother’s Day)
  8. Not About the Weather (Christmas)

USB & DVD Bundle includes:

  • Cartoon Music Videos that features lyric line across the bottom of the screen.
  • Audio in 3 formats  (Full mix, Sound track and Split Track files)
  • Lyric Sheets
  • Coloring Pages
  • Motion Tutorials
  • Worship Leader Trainings
  • Group Viewing Permissions

 Little Praise Party is filled with songs kids love and adults value!

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